Who I am

I am an independent software developer and my aim is to provide intuitive, robust and professional quality software at a very cost-effective price.

I have been designing and programming data processing systems for more than twenty years and have worked within many business areas including retail, accounting, warehousing, manufacturing and sales and marketing. My clients have included several major companies such as Sony, IBM, London Transport, Motorola and the DTI. 

My role is to achieve the recording, storing, manipulation and presentation of business data in order to facilitate a business process. I do not fix PCs or networks, but I may be willing to enhance or repair existing software systems. I am not a web designer, although I am able to exploit the Web in order to allow the accumulation of data from diverse, otherwise unconnected locations.

I would expect my services primarily to be of interest to any smaller enterprise which requires help with the computerisation of their business but does not have the financial resources to employ a software company. 

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